Best Career Assessment and Personality Tests

Starting in middle school, one of your teachers’ goals is to help you figure out what you are going to do for the rest of your life. Sure, you’re only 13 years old. But your job is something that was hammered into your head from the start.

So you go through high school and maybe take certain courses in psychology or anatomy.

Then college rolls around. Or maybe you’d prefer to skip college.

Whatever you choose, your career may not have turned out to be what you envisioned. People change, and it’s okay to realize that what you wanted to do in college or in your early years may not be what you want to do for the rest of your life.

If you are caught up in this puzzle, relax.

It is possible to switch careers and find something that you are really passionate about! There are a variety of personality and career-oriented tests that you can take to help you out.

Even if you haven’t had a job, you can take these tests. You will be surprised what you will find!

1. The self-directed search

Options are excellent in life. And when your career gives you the opportunity to do what you want, a dream will come true.

The self-directed search offers many possibilities. Instead of the conventional questions and answers, this test poses questions and then divides them into certain categories.

For example, they are divided into three categories based on the way you answer questions. They can be divided into artistic, realistic, and social categories. Each category has a selection of jobs that match answering the questions.

This is not your typical career and personality test. Well worth trying if you want to take a test that will give you options that you may not get if you take the others.

2. Who am I?

This is another unique approach to personality testing. While it is more focused on your personality and less on your career,Who am I?The test shows you things about yourself that you may not have known. It’s a fun structure that is similar to DNA.

The test works in a simple way. You will be given a series of images and you will choose the one that affects you the most. While this may sound basic, it is a unique strategy that will both teach you and put a smile on your face.

3. Myers-Briggs type display

This is the big boy. It is used across the board in a wide variety of companies. Yes, this is the test where companies ask you questions that determine your personality type and tell them about it How great you will be as a worker.

It can seem daunting, but this test is pretty accurate. And it doesn’t focus on superficial scenarios. The test not only delves into your behavior, but also your motivation to work that way. It’s an in-depth test that you are likely to take at some point in your life.

You can Perform the MBTI assessment with a certified administrator, or Take a free version online.

4. Pymetric

Imagine going for an interview. You sit down and an HR employee enters the room. They say you take a test called the pymetrics test.

They’re a little confused, but you’ll be comfortable when they tell you it’s a personality test that can help determine your work habits. Then, when you begin the test, you will be presented with mind games that will test your problem-solving skills.

That might be pretty surprising to you, but that’s what the The Pymetrics test is all about.

A series of mind games and puzzles await you. It’s a unique approach to personality testing and job testing that turns the formula for answering questions about your character upside down.

5. Career strength test

This test focuses more on your professional skills and has a lot going for it. Instead of asking boring questions about work habits, this test goes deep how strong you are in a variety of job-related areas.

Leadership, inductive thinking, and structural visualization are all facets by which you will be measured. After taking the test, you will see what skills you excel in.

Once you get the results you will be presented with a wide variety of jobs that contain all of the major skills that you excelled in. It’s a great test that can even surprise you with skills you never knew you had.

6. The Big Five personality test

Do you work well with others If you’ve ever thought about this skill and want to know how well you are doing it, this personality test is for you.

The Big Five personality test focuses on how you work and how well you communicate with others. While this is a narrowly focused test, its results shouldn’t be derided. It gives you some insight into whether you should be in a job where you are constantly communicating with others or a loner doing the job yourself.

Either way, this is a fantastic personality / career test.

7. Riso-Hudson-Enneagram type display

The RHETI can easily be confused with Myers-Briggs, but it’s a different test that examines what archetype you are.

Once you have answered the questions, you can fall into different categories. You can be classified as a reformer, enthusiast, or even a high achiever.

One of the cool things this test tells you is how you work with coworkers. Better still, it shows you how to improve in certain areas where you may have had poor results.

Overall, this test offers a lot. This is one of the few tests that can help you improve areas where you’re getting low results.

8. MAPP Career Assessment Test

Next to the Myers-Briggs indicator is the MAPP career assessment is the next largest job and personality test you can take.

It encompasses a wide range of resultsThis ranges from your preferences in getting things done to how you think. It’s a great test, but one that’s worth it.

As with most of the tests on this list, it gives you a handful of job categories that you would do great in. It’s an excellent test, and the results will help you figure out what types of jobs to apply for.

For most people, finding the right career is difficult. However, you can use these tests to find out what types of jobs to look for. When you’re ready to spend a little bit of money and time, these tests will help you find not only the right career, but the job that makes you happy.

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Published by Sarah Landrum

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