Hello! Welcome to the official English With Lucy channel Business English tracks First, let me introduce myself My name is Lucy Bella Earl I am a native English loudspeaker with English learn qualifications Studied at Westminster University School of Business And completed the marketing/ sell communication Bachelor’s stage I started in January 2016 English With Lucy this Youtube channel Through this path, I have helped dozens of thousands of students Improve their English knowledge Whether you like it or not English is a global business term Many international corporations use English As a language of cooperation This means that if you want to work for a top companionship You most likely need Ability to speak English to a considerable degree In these 10 classifies I will not only school you business English Will likewise school you how to use it flexibly To get a job, remain a occupation, and develop a busines I will interpret in clear English But if you find that you can’t keep up Please remember to turn on subtitles Can also slow down my speaking race In addition to this, I have recently been kept the mentioned in the video A serial of keyword idioms Listed in the information bar Okay, let’s start the course The first assignment of this course I will tell you in this class How to write a excellent CV( resume expanse) Also known as resume in the U.S.

Write a resume in your own language Seems to be a big problem But it seems even more hopeless to write in English With my assistance, after this class You will have the skills to write a resume This will determine you stand out Let you get the job you deserve First, we first question ourselves What would the recruiter want from the resume? A resume will not get you a enterprise But to give you a chance for an interview Keep this in mind when you write your resume This is very important When people tend to think When listing important parts and highlighting a few things is a better space Entrants will feel pressure To make everything they have done or accomplished Are fully integrated into their resume It is said that the employer It simply takes about seven seconds to read a resume So when you are writing your resume, you should remain this in mind The bos is looking at the resume at the first glance Tend to see the wrong region firstly In my vocation, I have spoken numerous resumes so far Once I realize a mean correct, I don’t want to read it anymore Errors in the resume are absolutely not abode You have to check again and again until You actually know every statement quite clearly If you typically experience difficulties with speech or spelling You got to find other beings Come proofread and double check If you don’t know who can help you Find an online writer and pay the amount This is an investment in your future What recruiters require next Is skill and know Combine relevant skills and experience Use the corresponding keywords to express This must be highlighted Recruiters may just clean past Or gazed at your resume Instead of learning in detail Wait a time, I will say how to adapt it A fake of your own resume to make it fast and accurate At the end the recruiter will try to find out A little bit about your personality and temperament peculiarities You can’t put too much on your resume, but you have to threw enough To put you on the interrogation stagecoach Recruiters will get to know you better then I will talk about it last-minute Some personality features Now we should question ourselves What kind of resume do we want to write?

There are two main resumes Time series resume and knowledge resume In this part, we will likewise talk about Other types of resumes Choose the job you want to apply for Types of resumes that equal developments in the situation Important to you Let’s talk about the time series resume firstly As hinted, this resume is based on time To grade your experience and achievements From the most recent See how this instance can stimulate you What located within the chronological resume If you want to show yourself in career or institution Progress very much or very fast You can be utilized such types of resume “Its also” a good way to show off I have been employed and there is no window period This we will talk about last-minute Now let’s talk about the skill history Also known as function history This type of resume allows you to show off your skills and abilities Different from rolling employ know and education background Under each talent You can write Examples of achieving or developing this skill yourself Look at this pattern This is what the science resume looks like You can use this resume to conceal the evacuate opening of your vocation Or a lot of short-term chores Like internships and volunteer work The best part of this resume is You will have more opportunities To induce yourself more suitable for the job you are applying for The other alternative is the blended type Mix the above two Adhere to the traditional go serials resume But it also emphasizes the development of role skills for each task Another type of resume is quite popular now Creative resume This kind of resume is all images Can are contributing to show off your motif knowledge Stand out among applicants Visualizing information is a good way to express Present a lot of information in a concise and enticing road You can also consider video history This is for the task of facing the customer or The added effects of traditional resumes are all good thoughts For have applied for academic study brochure Academic resume They ask more seat than another type of resumes Recruiters are most likely to expend a longer time speak Academic resume needs to emphasize educational background Research results, published efforts and academic ordeal Ultimately, let’s talk about the technical resume This is more directly applicable to the IT industry In addition to the information that should be on the general resume You also need to highlight your technical expertise Like programming language systems and technology programmes So what kind of resume is right for you? Leave a comment below which one would you choose The report contains reasons Now let’s talk about how to accommodate your resume The most useful advice I can give you is Make your resume for each position After creating a resume template Divided into different resumes for each company If 100 beings apply for this job( this is very real) Only 10 people can be selected for the interview A resume that applies to all jobs Can you really become the top 10% of entrants? You require recruiters to see your resume and think Wow! This person is the best candidate for the position in our fellowship Then you have to offset Can show off a forward-looking and positive resume It takes time and attempt This are also welcome to show that you are not applying for 50 chores at once I hope I can successfully be selected for one of its own position Now let’s elaborate on the window period in your resume Recruiters don’t want to see you have been unemployed for too long But in some cases this will help The window period is a red flag It’s like saying you got fired or you gave up Your employer wants you to work hard And then do nothing for a long time You genuinely need to minimize these negative effects You can do these methods to change A brief description at the opening of the resume Explain briefly first Why you choose to change jobs for example: Spent five years in the financial industry In 2017, I decided to switch career track Another thing you can do is to use the skill resume As we said earlier If you have a lot of drain opening dates, you can’t explain them clearly.

You should really consider Abandon the timeline of era serials record In the end you really need Be prepared to talk about it during the interview Even if you don’t list the window period on your resume You may also be asked about discontinuities during hire They will need your detailed explanation This we will talk about in the course about interview questions If you are in the window of job hunting Immediately start doing something right now Find some related part-time activities Start a blog, take a course You can mention these when you are asked in the interrogation Many parties ask if they should Create some narrations I don’t think you should do this You have to sell yourself but you can’t lie It must be remembered that they are likely to check If they find you are just bragging and inflating Or lying, you will instantly fall to the bottom What you have to do is to shorten the duration The power is no more than two sides A4 But I suggest that if workable It is best to be within A4 on one side Technical and academic applicants may need more room If more than two sheets Recruiters don’t want to read it through They may miss important information Even the humor was broken You can consider putting an internet tie-up in your portfolio Especially for those applying for creative industries You can use the URL shortener to create a memorable URL link Can be simply imitation or typed on a web page Don’t expect too high this “il see” And made to ensure that the URL is valid on each programme You too need to induce your resume looking elegant Submit your resume as a PDF file It can work on every system Format won’t run away You can also consider making your resume regard fashionable Add design coatings My final suggestion is: you must make sure that your word and wording are correct I will tell you in the next class Which bad words should be avoided What other strong texts you are able to use Okay, this is today’s direction, I hope you like it I hope you really learned something Don’t forget on my social media Continue to interact with me I have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter I will see you soon in the next class