Did you know that the 2020 US presidential election was Joe Biden’s? Is this your third time running for president? What’s more, it took him 33 years to finally win. There are so many three in this story! We’re not a superstitious bunch at Kickresume, but we even have to admit it: sometimes three really are cute.

In any case, this election seems to be finally over. Sure, the whole thing will probably take a bit longer than we’d like, as Donald Trump refuses to budge, but that’s okay. Joe Biden may not have all the time in the world but have patience. After all, he has been waiting for this presidency since 1987.

But politics today is a dark place and I’m not going there. Our infographic resumes are not about commenting on current events.

No, they are meant to draw your attention to people with interesting careers and perhaps allow you to learn something useful in the process. Yes, we are in 2020, but we should still be able to learn something even from people who belong to the opposite political field.

So what can we learn from Joe Biden’s story besides patience?

We can learn that our innate limitations fail to define us (overcame a debilitating stutter), that power can be given up (wanted to give up his seat in the United States Senate after his wife and daughter died in a car accident), that even you could endure a four-hour commute for thirty years, and more.

Anyway, Joe Biden’s resume is long and interesting, but how did he end up in the White House? You’ll find out in Joe Biden’s infographic resume below!